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Step One: Transfer Your Investment Accounts to Charles Schwab

This step is optional but recommended to get the full benefits. Roughly 90% of our client's assets are held at Charles Schwab brokerage. Access to nearly all the restricted private debt and private equity funds is authorized through the Schwab brokerage service only. We recommend you transfer all of your IRAs, Roths, brokerage accounts, SEPs, 529s, and other investment accounts that are not 401k's at your current employer. We recommend you consider rolling over old 401k's at former employers to an IRA at Schwab. We can help you consider this.
(Again: this step is optional, but highly recommended).

Step Two: Choose Your
Level Of Service

Paragon offers two different service levels, so you’re only paying for what you need. Choose between our Access-Only and Full-Service options. Fees shown here are for portfolios of $1M or more. See complete pricing here.

  1. Access-Only: Includes full access to all the restricted Private Asset funds on Charles Schwab and a dedicated investment advisor. Invest in institutional share classes, included restricted assets such as Private Debt and Private Equity. Perfect for self-driven DIY investors who want access but want to maintain complete control.
  2. Full-Service: We handle everything for you. Your Paragon Advisor will manage your custom portfolio of investments for you, with your input and direction. We'll make trades for you, according to your objectives, risk tolerance, and directives. This option is ideal for clients who want the full suite of services that Paragon offers including ongoing portfolio management and financial planning.

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*Fees shown are for portfolios of $1M+
Paragon Investing

Our Onboarding Process

  • 01

    Determine Objectives

    Meet with your advisor to have an in-depth discussion on your long-term financial goals, short-term needs, current income, tax bracket, expected retirement, planned expenditures, and desire for gifting.

  • 02

    Assess Risk Tolerances

    Next your advisor will ask you questions about various market scenarios: potential losses, max drawdown, bear and bull markets, etc, to assess your risk tolerance, keeping in mind your overall timeline and objectives.

  • 03

    Design Portfolio

    After synthesizing your risk tolerance, objectives, and timeline, your advisor will recommend a target portfolio for you to meet your target return objectives: growth, income, stability - while minimizing risk.

  • 04

    Implementation Plan

    Now your Paragon Advisor will work with you to transfer your existing investment accounts to Charles Schwab. He/she will help you determine which funds to buy and sell, while keeping in mind any tax consequences.

  • 05

    Periodic Reviews

    Access daily reports of portfolio performance, across all your accounts, broken down by account, asset class, and investment. All of this in one place - your Paragon Client Portal. Your advisor will send you a quarterly newsletter with performance breakdown, market updates, and new recommendations.


Step Three: Onboarding —
Review Your Risk Tolerance & Objectives with Your Advisor

Meet with your advisor to discuss your family's financial goals, objectives, timeline, liquidity needs, life insurance, income, major expenditures, college, retirement, and your risk tolerance. Your advisor may have you answer questions about possible scenarios to better understand your stomach for risk, desire for stability, and potential behavioral finance biases.

Step Four: Implement Your Investment Plan

Take action. Buy and sell. Rebalance. Execute the investment plan that you developed with your Paragon Advisor. Depending on your level of service, you may take the lead on this, or your advisor will do it for you.

  1. Meet: Virtually with your advisor once a year to discuss any changes to your financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. Make adjustments to your plan.
  2. Receive: New recommendations quarterly including fund recommendations, macro economy updates, asset class valuations, and stock market and economy outlooks. Your investment advisor will guide you through capitalizing on Paragon’s tactical recommendations.
  3. Monitor: Performance on-demand across all your accounts via the Paragon mobile app. Updated daily.
  4. Access: Your dedicated advisor 24/7 by phone or email to ask questions, get advice, address concerns, and more.

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New Recommendations


Monitor Performance


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